Wireless Sales Tips – Five Things You Must Do to Close The Deal

Our top wireless sales tips will do you no good unless you know the five things you MUST do to close the deal! Your retail business development goals count on you being good at closing the sale!

Whether you are new to the wireless sales business a or seasoned pro, whether you have a large or relatively small operation, remember these tips for closing a sale:

#1 Highlight Function and Worth

Always bear in mind the worth of your service or product to your customer. You have competitors, right? Your potential customer knows it too! Make a list of your prospect’s potential questions, sticking points and issues (especially in money matters) and counter these obstacles with what you have to offer versus your competition in terms of technology, unique features, value, and retail store support.

#2 Use Plain English

Of course, there is a place for industry jargon – you have to talk the talk so your prospect knows you are playing in the same field. But do try to reach them as human beings. Never assume! You never know how tech savvy someone will be. They might smile and nod on the outside but be secretly clueless. So speak in a manner that the prospective client can understand. Get the feel for the prospect’s degree of understanding and have a plan for how to break down points in an easily understandable way.

#3 Listen More Than Talk

You know the adage about having two ears and only one mouth? No matter how seasoned at wireless sales (or any retail sales) you are, it is wise to remember this. You may be a crackerjack in wireless sales but you are there to close the sale, not showboat. Get your prospect talking and actively listen. People value those who listen.

#4 Use Anecdotes to Make a Connection

Highlight a sales feature by sharing an anecdote or real life example. It makes you come across as human and people love stories. Share concrete ways in which your service, product or solution has helped your current clients. A few well chosen examples can bridge gaps and can convert prospect into customer.

##5 Talk Value Before Money

It goes back to building a case for your worthiness before you make an offer. Get buy-in for the value you represent the prospect, and then talk money. Spend 90% of the time talking value and the final 10% talking about money.

These five wireless sales tips WILL help you to close more sales and are essential to building trust in you, your company and the wireless industry in general.

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