What is a Cellular Master Agent or Master Dealer

A cellular master agent (or sometimes called a master dealer), sells phone plans and cell phones from the larger wireless cellular providers, for a commission. They then act as an agent for these large companies (like ATT, Sprint, TMobile, etc.), helping single stores and small chains get access to different providers than they could get on their own.

In this manner, small wireless retail shops are able to become affiliated with many different cellular carriers, without becoming a “company” store.

What is a Cellular Master Agent or Master DealerIf you are a single location cellular store or perhaps have a small chain, finding a good master agent or dealer can mean the difference between being a roaring success or abject failure (YES it is that important!)

How Do You Choose A Master Agent or Master Dealer?

First thing is to consider the Cellular companies with which you want to work and do some research about their phones and plans. Then you want to contact Master Agents or Master Dealers who represent those companies.

Think about working with a company that provides services from multiple cellular providers. For example Go Mobile can provides cellular service and phones for Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile and AT&T. This allows you to target more customers and increase your income.


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Also be sure to research the commission structure for each company, and how often they pay. Each provider has different plans and knowing what each offers allows you to choose the more attractive package. It can also let you balance your month by choosing companies that pay at different times. For instance, if Sprint pays at the beginning of the month, Verizon at the end and AT&T in the middle, you can keep a steady stream of income instead of weeks of dry and then a flood of payments.

Then contact the Cellular Master Agents or Dealers you have chosen and start the process to become an customer. They are in business to make money and the stronger your business is, the better the chance they will work with you.

Master Agent and Master Dealer Resources Bonus

If you are looking to start cell phone store, here is an AMAZING list of these companies from Master Dealer List.

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