Top GPS Apps For iPhone and Android

In our Top Snazzy Cell Phone GPS Uses post, we talked about uses for GPSs but not what apps to use! This post is about the Top GPS apps for iPhone and Android.

There was at time when you needed a separate phone, music player, laptop computer and GPS device. Those days are gone when you can carry all those things in one – your iPhone or android phone are all those things in one.

Top GPS Apps For iPhone and Android

In the car and not sure how to get somewhere? No worries, a simple app on your phone can get you there. What’s even better, since the phone is easily transported, you can use the GPS apps to find where you need to go as you walk. The fun thing is there are plenty of fun and useful apps that use GPS to help you.

Most use GPS for getting directions. A nice voice gives turn by turn directions and shows a map. MapQuest for Mobile and Telnav GPS Navigator are two navigation apps that do just that. Telenav gives you the ability to type in, or talk out loud, an address or business name and it will give you directions to the place, and will also reroute you if traffic gets snarled. Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance for the Android. iPhone users can use the Map feature which is less an app than a tool.


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Garmin launched a new application for fitness on both iPhone and Android. It will track your progress while you’re walking, running or biking. It will give you time, distance, speed, pace, calories burned and show you where you’re going on a map. Another app that does the same thing is Sports Tracker.

GPS Bookmarker can save your location, letting you add a title, note, picture or voice memo. You can access the information later to get back to the location. Other users can review the information you save and the app will then give them directions to the location, turn by turn. Great for people who are house hunting, shopping, or even trying to find your car in a mall parking lot!

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