The Smart Phone Revolution | A History of Smart Phones

A history of smart phones starts 20 years ago, but is the cornerstone of how we communicate today! Think back and try to remember a day when you left the house and didn’t worry about whether you had your cell phone. These days it would be like trying to leave the house without an arm or leg. And while it seems like we’ve had cell phones forever, the smart phone only goes back 20 years.

The Smart Phone Revolution

In 1992, IBM invented the first smart phone, nicknamed “Simon”. Simon had a calendar, address book, calculator, email service and a simple touch screen. In was rather cost prohibitive at $899.

By the late 1990’s Nokia launched a series of smart phones that were basically a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a cell phone.

In 2000 Ericsson launched the first cell phone to be called a “smart phone”. It had a touch screen, operating system and a foldable keyboard.

By 2002 Blackberry jumped into the fray with its phone and email service. Palm Treo with a QWERTY keyboard and Ericsson launched the P800. Mp3 players, cameras and wireless technology were all added in as features.

By 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, 2008 Android and its open-source operating system took off.

Here we are today with hundreds of different phones. Smart phones became popular for services like email exchange. People loved the idea of being able to get email wherever we were. Exchange also made it easy to synch calendars and address books between devices. As more and more services became available, sales soared. When the iPhone and Android phones became available with their app markets, our phones became more than phones and provided us with not only email on the go, but calling, texting, games, music, movies, shopping and the ability to do just about anything in an instant.

The newest phones now have the capability to use our voices to control the functions of the phone. Where will the smart phone revolution go from here? It shouldn’t take long to find out!


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