Retail Sales Data – Tablet Based POS Systems

Retail sales data is easy to acquire when you use a tablet based point of sale system. Although Apple’s iPad is a leader in tablet point of sale systems, they aren’t the only ones in the marketplace! But no matter if you choose iPads or an Android based tablet, it’s not uncommon to see tablets being used in retail establishments.

Retail Sales Data - Tablet Based POS Systems

The benefits of using a tablet as point of sale device are many. The biggest is the amount of money it can save by streamlining the sales process. If you think about what a typical POS system looks like: a cash register or two, each with a printer and a credit card machine, the cost can be high, and generally runs about $20,000 or more. Purchasing a tablet computer and the apps needed to run your POS is about $1,000, including a cash drawer and printer for receipts. You forgo the big credit card machine with a Square® to instantly run credit and debit cards. Items like this are usually free with a small per transaction fee.

The tablet system can also help your customers see that you are serious about going green. The tablet makes it easy to email receipts instead of printing them, and they use a lot less energy to use. Smaller carbon footprint, smaller utility bills too! A tablet as a POS also provides great customer service. Information is provided immediately, and you go to your customers to answer them and complete the sale, instead of the other way around.

Apple does have a good product, but Android has great systems too. Companies like Retail Business Development have great apps. RBD has an app called RBD Assistant. It’s a Google Android™ tablet-based system that manages sales from start to end, and also includes instant training, a timeclock feature, assistive sales activities, point-of-sales, customer follow up and real-time sales reporting and analytics. RBD Assistant has an intelligent assistive sales design that guides employees step by step through the sales process. It also provides information to the customer and checks them out. For more information see our full lifecycle tablet based sales tool, RBD Assistant!

If you want to find a cost effective POS (point of sale) system that provides real time sales data, look to tablets. You won’t regret it.


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Cloud Based Retail Solutions
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