Do People Choose iPhones or Androids Based on the “Cool Factor”?

Apple’s iPhone or Android phones? Which do you prefer? Some people prefer the “name”, other’s a number, but according to a poll on, most don’t care. So why do people choose one over another? Well, for the most part, iPhone owners say they get them because they are Apple products, number and quality of available applications and the “status symbol” of the iPhone name.

Do People Choose  I-Phones or Androids Based on the "Cool Factor"?

But the fact remains that Android phones are outselling iPhones, and there are some interesting reasons why. At first, it was thought that it was because of the fact that at first the iPhone service was only available through AT&T. If you didn’t like AT&T you were stuck with another kind of smart phone.

When Android phones became available, all of the main carriers had some model of Android phone available. Later the market cracked open a bit and Verizon began to carry iPhones. Through it all Android still ruled the market. Most recently Sprint got the new iPhone 4S, so it will remain to be seen to see if this changes the numbers.

Android phones have almost as many apps as iPhones. Many Android users find that the Android App Market has many more fully functioning free apps than the Apple App Store does. Another big selling factor for Android is the diversity of the hardware, or phones, available. They range from affordable easy to use models that are great for families and kids, to fun models that take cool pictures like the HTC Evo 3D or the dual screen Kyocera Echo, to high-tech super phones like the Galaxy S Epic II.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the great way to back up your contacts and calendar through Google. Ask anyone who has had their phone die or disappear unexpectedly, and you’ll know what a great feature that is! What most find is that Android phones are easy to use and designed in a way that is simple, but cool.

So whether you are getting an iPhone because of the “cool apple” factor or an Android because of the “cool app” factor, either way you wind up with a great product from some of our favorite people, wireless retail stores!

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